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Published on: July 13, 2004

I finally did it, My palm died 3 weeks ago and I have been forgetting things left and right, I am going to get the old one fixed, but that is going to take a while, so I went out and got the Tungsten T3. When the T2 comes back I will keep it for backup. But I am now thinking can I get a blogging software for the Palm Pilot. The Palm has Bluetooth and so does my cell phone, and I get unlimited data, so I can hit the net anywhere I can get cell signal. Which in theory means I could post from anywhere (if there is good software for it) I am not so cheap that it has to be free I am willing to pay for it if it is good software.

But the T3 is a nice device, lots of room in memory to work with, not so sure I like the virtual graffiti area. But the landscape mode is nice for the web browsing on the device. Software updates I like is that they finally added categories to the date book, I do not like the agenda view, of course I been using palm pilots since 2000 and so use to the day view that it could just be inertia that keeps me at the day view of the calamities.

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