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Published on: July 23, 2004

OK so I get up to the hotel, and they can not find my reservation!! So I give the guy at the check in place (mind you they do not have a check in desk, but a drive up window) The conformation number with that he is able to find the reservation. Apparently the computer moved it to Sunday because another Michael O’Connor is in the hotel will sunday, and the computer is programmed for it to do extensions of a stay though makeing reservation, and some kind of error checking, well this time it bombed because Michael O’Connor is a very common name. The computer should be programmed to check addresses too, because when the front gate called a few minutes later he asked if I know the other guy and said he was from Cincinnati. But it does not matter much I did get my room. Got in and took a nice hot shower to cleans off the 5 hour drive.

You get a good idea of the priorities in the US when you travel, first on the Ohio Turnpike, every service station had a StarBucks. OK can you say addiction? Second when I get into the room what is the most prominate thing in the room, the TV, it is just big, I don’t see the point of it, I probably will not use it at all, don’t watch much TV.

And it never fails to happen you travel and you forget to take at lest 1 thing, but for me it is not all that critical, it is just the cradle for my palm pilot, so I just have to be sparing in using it (if I even use it) Also I forgot my cell phones power cable, but well I have a cable for the car, I can charge it when I am in the car, I probably will not be using it much since my primary number can not get a signal, there does not seam to be any T-mobile single here, and they don’t seam to have any agreements with any of the people here, so I am using my back up (expensive) AT&T sim card in the cell phone. I get a little signal. I probably will pick up a prepaid calling card, I have not had one of those in eons, but that why I can make the calls that I might want/need to make.

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