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Date : August 31, 2005

New Orleans flooding.

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Published on: August 31, 2005

With New Orleans flooding right now, and not all the pumps working, they know they will not be able to keep up with the water that is rushing in to the city. Well I have been thinking about it, and have come up with a VERY controversial idea for how to handle the problem. Here[…]

I love the nutes on Short Wave Radio, do people really belive this stuff?

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Published on: August 31, 2005

Tonight I was listing to the Short Wave radio and I was picking up a radio show called Coast to Coast AM. They have some guy on that is claiming that the Russian government causes the hurricanes. He claims that Ivan, and Katrina were caused by them, part of his proof is that they have[…]

Cross band repeater

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Published on: August 31, 2005

Today I wanted to keep an ear on the 147.09 repeater, but I was going to be working at my church. I looked up the manual for my Alinco so I could find out how to setup the cross band repeat. It was not as hard to do as I first thought it would be,[…]

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