What a day

Just a bit of posting, today I spent the AM sleeping in, something I don’t get to do, I had to move my music lesson to a later time so I could sleep in. Then when I got home I did more work on my Linux Laptop to get FVWM to look the way I want it to look. Then I meet up with some friends and we played some games. I finally get home around midnight, do some work to get my tower computer up and running again (the power supply had blown had to put the new one in).

After I get the tower up and running I spend time cleaning out the hard drive of data I don’t need, I still don’t know how I am going change this computer over, if I am going to make the partition smaller and install Slackware, then put VMware on it and boot the old windows install. Or if I am going to back up my data blast the whole drive, install Slackware, put VMware on install a fresh Windows 7 under VM, or just blast the whole drive say to heck with windows and just pull the data I can into Linux. But long and short I cleaned up the drive. I did look at the data I want to save, there is about 90Gb I want to save, and I do have an old unused 110Gb external USB drive with nothing on it, so I have started to do the backup of the data for what ever path I do take.

After cleaning the drive I had to do some work on the Issues Etc Android app. Apparently Live365 changed the URL for LPR so I had to update the URL, and removed some buttons for the new features I am working on and get that up into Google Play.

After that I finally got around to something I should have done 2 weeks ago, working on the audio file for my churches Radio commercial, but I finished that up, and now here we are at 3am, and I am going to hit the hay and see if I can sleep tonight, and get up and do it all again tomorrow.

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