Updating my address in the last 2 places I have not updated it since I moved last year.

It took me long enough but I finally updated my address for my Driver’s License. I had not though about it, since my old car died in October, and I ditched it in April, and I have been living car free since then. I decided to fix up my address on my drivers license since I finally got my ham license updated and corrected, I thought I would see if I could update my voters registration information, I did a google search for “PA voters info update registration” and the first hit was Penn-DOT’s web site’s FAQ about “Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit & Photo IDs” so I figured what the heck since I was at PENN-DOT’s web site I would update my info there, one nice thing I found when I was doing it they offered a option to notify the Voter Registrar of the updated address, 2 birds with one stone. I know some people would be concerned with the privacy issues of having one government agency sharing your info with another, but I am not, I go on the premise that privacy is an illusion when it comes to the government, if any government agency wanted my info they would not have much of a problem finding it.

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