Backing up my data to the NAS

Along with the other backups I do of my data; I use SpiderOak for off sight, and also sync it with MS one drive [Yes Linux data being synced to OneDrive], I also take a tar.gz backup of it, and store in the local computer, then scp a copy of it to a file server on my network, also I sync the one drive down to another computer. I am now going to do a nightly rsync of the data directory to the NAS I setup. I know maybe I am doing to many backups of the data, but I want to be sure if something happens to my data I can have a chance of getting it back. I will also being coping a copy of my nightly backup tar.gz files up the the NAS.

The funny part is I could have uploaded it to the cloud faster then doing the init sync of the data to the NAS, while in the long run it will not mater, now it is going slower as the Raspberry Pi only has a 10/100Mbit Ethernet port, so it will take longer to load the full 1.3TB to the NAS. Funny as I could upload to the internet in half the time as I tend to get upload speeds of 200Mbits when uploading to the internet now, I have seen as high as 500Mbits, but 200Mbits is about the average I seen.

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Published on: March 11, 2021

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