Along with all the network work I have done on my home network

Along with all the work I have done on my home network the last couple of weeks, I have also worked on reorganization my home. including the living room and the computer room/lab. While I have not gotten rid of anything I have also opened up more room to live in, and work with. I have more work to do on this front too. But my place feels a lot more open then it did 3 weeks ago.

This is something better to do then just play video games when I am not teleworking. Don’t get me wrong I am still spending a lot of time playing video games while stuck at home (probably more then I should be)

While I can not leave the home, these are some projects I can do as I can not go out as there is a stupid mask mandate here in md, and I can not breath with a mask on, so I am stuck here at home. I am just glad for Walmart grocery delivery, and Amazon so I can get everything I need to continue to exist.

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Published on: February 20, 2021

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