This is wrong, just pure wrong, and I don’t see how it fixes the problem.

In this post I talk about how I had a problem with static variables in a class Well I have solved the problem, but the answer is wrong, just wrong. The way I solved it was call from the program area, the calls to the functions that change the value out of the second lib, into the program itself and it worked. But why does this fix the problem? I don’t know why or how, in fact I still think that the problem should not exist, but it did, and even with the problem, I don’t see the different from the static variable and static functions point of view is.
I still have the middle lib, but I just have to call the static functions that create the data from the program, but then when I am in the middle lib the data is now there for use. Go Fig, if you have any idea what was wrong, is wrong.

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Published on: March 16, 2006

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