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Yesterday I vented some stuff part of the topic I vented on was where do I get my news from, and how I do not like people attack some of the places I get my news from. In that post I talked about Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News. But I will have to say that is not the only places I get news from. And I do know that the bulk of Rush’s show is his comments on the stories he covers, it more like the editorial section of a newspaper, not 100% news, but it based off of the news. But I think I do get an ok balance of news. If you go my news aggregator that I have online for my news reading I have other blogs and other not so conservative sites. Such as (for local news) WPXI and KDKA and (for international) BBC and Radio Sweden. Those 4 sources are liberal (well I view them as liberal) to different degrees (RS being the most ultra-liberal of the group and KDKA being the lest liberal of the group) and some blogs (Religious, friends and opinion) that I feel moderate things out. I believe when I go though it, I do get the actual facts (the union of where most of them meet, from Rush, the most conservative, to RS the most liberal) and then I can form my own opinion (usually more on the conservative side) I would love to have Rush “Stack of Stuff” aggregated there too, but he does not offer that at this time.
You can see a list of the sources here, with a list of the last few entries from them

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