Hurricanes this year and last year

This year has been very active for hurricanes. Last year Ivan was born as a Tropical Depression (#9) on September 2. Here we are now on September 4 and we have Tropical Storm Maria, the 12th named storm for this year. Maria was formed on September 1 as a Tropical Depression (#14). Last year during September we had a total of 5 Hurricanes/Tropical Depressions that lived in that month (2 of them were formed in August of that year, and lived into September of last year) Last year we also made it up to Tropical Storm Otto (Otto was formed November 29th of 2004 and lived as late as December 3rd) so at this point of this year we have had 5 more Tropical Depressions formed above what we had last year. I will admit I find Hurricanes and Tropical Depressions some what interesting, I been following these things for a bit this year, I started my first post this year about them on Hurricane Jose. Also part of me is looking forward to next year. My own name is up for one of the names to be used next year, maybe we will see Hurricane Michael next year.

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Published on: September 4, 2005

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