WPLUG: Picnic August 07, 2005

WPLUG is having its Annual Picnic. I will be biking down, I am going to try to organize a bike ride there in the afternoon, we will be late to the picnic but not to late to enjoy it. See the wplug site for more details.

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  1. kb3iby says:

    Mike, if you need any help with cycling directions there, let me know. I can keep you off route 51, and on safer cycling roads. I grew up around there, so I know the area well.

  2. That might be a good idea, The on thing I have to decided on is, should I take the group (if I can get one together) over the mountin, or should we just bike to the T station on the jail trail, and take it though the mountin, and then bike from the T station? Part of me wants to go over the mountin for the chalange, but I know that a weaker rider who sees the iternary might not want to go if there is a trek up a mountin, but I might get more if I go though the mountin.

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