I voted today

Well I did it, I voted today; I went down and voted on the 3 things my voice would matter in. The 2 referendums and the special election for the state senate. Being a republican I did not bother to vote on the primaries, it not like it would have mattered, the republicans never win anything in this city, and besides I did not look into the platforms of what they people in the primary stood for, so it would not have been wised to vote, in them, I just looked in to the special elections issues. Now the only question remaining is should I bother voting in November? Is November an local only election, therefore it does not matter if I vote or not, or does it include state and federal stuff, if so then my vote matters and I will vote.
But by tonight we should know who the next major of the city is.

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Published on: May 17, 2005

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