Well tonight I went with a couple of my friends to Dave and Busters, because it is my 28th birthday. I would like to say that we had fun, but since I know the games there, there was not challenge at the games for me, and I know what it is like to loss at a game when you stand no chance, I would like to go back with them and see if they can improve at the games to the point where I was playing them. I am not the greatest at them but I am not a beginner at them. But if they can get better it could make the games more fun for both them and me. But the food was good. I did enjoy talking with them. And then some time this weekend I will be getting together with my parents to celebrate it again. They were out of town and I don’t have a working vehicle to get out to where they live so we have to put it off for a bit. Some time in December I am going to have to look into getting a new vehicle for the few times I do drive, but for now I still have my bike and I can get around on that.

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  1. Sorry we couldn’t make it tonight mike. Hopefully we will next year.

  2. No Problem. Maybe some time you, Erica and I can go down to Dave and Busters for some fun. It is an adult version of Chucky Cheese, remember that place. They have a great game in the back call MechWarrior, it is a VR game where you site in this big pod and fight the other players. But at lest I will see you two tomorrow at LSF.

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