Sister in town, Friend in town (when I say this month I will be talking about August)

Well it turns out that my sister is in town earlier then I though she would be. So this is going to be an interesting weekend, I have a guest over this weekend, I am looking forward to seeing him since he will not be in town again for almost 5 months, and he might not be able to get online much for the same amount of time. The good news for me is that my sister (and her husband) will be in town all of the month so I will be able to catch up with them allot this month, I have taken the 18th to the 24th of, the 20th though I will be at another friends wedding. This month is turning out to be packed for me. And i was hopping to get out to Findlay again this month, well maybe the last weekend of the month, or maybe the first weekend of October.

Well with my sister, and parents (who by the way live in the same town that I do so I get to see them allot) I hope to get them to go to the Renaissance Festival, that is always fun. I probably will take my cameras and have allot of pics of it. You can check it out at

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Published on: July 30, 2004

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