I will admit that even with all my ranting against the streaming future even I fell into it with Anima. But now I am working on fixing that, especially with the closing of the Sony PS3/PSP/Vita stores. I am starting to buy the ones I like on DVD/Blueray. It going to take some time. I have recently picked up “Oh Edo Rocket” and “Soul Eater” and on Monday I will be getting the first box set of “Fairy Tail” this one will take a while to get the full set. Also a copy of “Trigun” will come on Monday.

On my list is the rest of the “Fairy Tail” collections, “Attack on Titan”, “Full Metal Alcamest: Brotherhood”, “The Devil is a Part-timer”, “Baka vs Test”, and “Outlaw Star”

Getting all of the ones I want will take a while, as I am going to space them out, and not spend a fortune all at once.

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Published on: April 16, 2021

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