Got a free stadia controller and 3 free months of stadia pro so here my thoughts

First Connecting the controller well that was a pain, apparently stadia does not like it when you use Pi-Hole (a good anti-ad in home DNS server that runs on a Raspberry Pi) I had to disable the Raspberry Pi to get it connected (I was able to re-enable it after the set up, but mind you if you have a Raspberry Pi and how you set it up you might have to disable it to setup the controller)
Second, The controller feels like a cheap 3rd party controller, it felt like it could easly be broken when if you get into a game and twist the controller. But what do you expect for a free piece of hardware. But it just felt very very cheep in my hands, not like the Duel Shock 4, the Duel Sense, the Switch Pro controller, or an X-Box controller. (I will say the Duel Sense is fast becoming my favorite, the DS4 was before) I will give the controller only 1 point, I like the symmetrical analog sticks but that about it.
Third, the input lag, I am in the DC/Baltimore area, with a 1Gbit internet connection from Verizon FiOS, and the input lag was in the second range (not milliseconds, but at lest 1 second)
at the end of the month I will be canceling the Stadia Pro member ship, as I did get 3 months free, and the hardware for free this has cost me nothing but still it not something I can see myself playing on.

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Published on: January 17, 2021

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