Posted this on the FCC site for my support of Net Neutrality.

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Published on: November 25, 2017

I would like to make a statement why I personally support Net Neutrality. Normally I would say I don’t like government regulations, but when a company exists in a monopoly (such as ISP do, since many locals give them a legal monopoly and it is illegal to have another company run lines where these cable companies have these monopolies)

When I lived in SoMD, I had DSL 5 M/bits down (2010 to 2013) I could stream Netflix just fine. Shortly after I moved north of Baltimore and got a “faster” Internet (50M/bits down), and the Supreme court struck down how the FCC was doing Net Neutrality, Suddenly my 10 times faster internet could not handle Netflix, I would get 5 minutes of video then 10 minutes of buffer. Then after the internet was put under title 2 (aka put under regulations that govern utilities) suddenly the buffering stopped.

The next point I would like to make, is when I did move to just north of Baltimore, and I got this internet, when the technician came out to install it, he cut the line to the antenna on the roof of the Condo Building I live in. When I complained about it, I was told by the company that I did not need it their TV service was only $30 a month for the basic package (they have since lowered it to $10 a month for the stations I should be able to get for free over the air, if they had not cut the wire to the antenna)

For those 2 reasons I currently support Net Neutrality, unless you were to pass an act that would invalidate all the monopolies that the cable companies have, and allow true competition for Internet Access.

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