Why I canceled my preorder for star wars battlefront2

Three words “pay to win” If you are going to charge the full $60 for a game, then do not make it pay to win, if you want to have it pay to win, make the game free.
I also detest micro-transactions, and don’t do them, but to make a game pay to win (as EA has done for both star wars battlefront 2 and shadow of war) means I am not going to buy your game, because a game that is pay to win, means the game is just made to generate money off of loot crates, aka you can not win without dropping money. Also since the last 2 games from EA were pay to win, means I am guessing that all they are going to do in the future, meaning I will not be even considering any EA games ever again.

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Published on: October 24, 2017

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