Almost forgot my full love of the shell (command line to many of you)

I always feel more comfortable when working at the bash shell instead of in some sort of GUI. And since the Google forcing of Android Studio (that bloatware) I have returned to the command line to do my Android development. But while I have been there I have thought about how I could move more of my stuff to the bash shell and exist inside of the xterm more and more. Well I played around and have setup alpine (a text based mail client) to connect and read my email from gmail. Thanks to Google I am going deeper and deeper into the text based world again. I guess I kind of owe them a thanks for that, I never feel as comfortable as I do when I am typing at a text based system.

Wondering if I could do the web though Lynx, if there are good text based web browsers out there to do the things I do on the web (like facebook)

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Published on: April 2, 2016

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