Beware a new text message scam

Today I got 3 text messages from a scam called “smart iq” I never replied to it, but it texted me 2 times saying do this to subscribe, I did not respond I ignored it. It then texted me a 3rd time telling me it subscribed me at a cost of $9.99 a month, if you get a texted from “smart iq” call your carrier right away it is a scam. I called T-Mobile, let them know, the operator said that they were going to reverse the charge and and said they will black list them for me, then they will be escalating it higher up to possible do a service wide black list of them. But if you get a text from a “service” named “smart iq” report it to your service provider right away.

The kicker is I thought I had the line that the text message came in on blocked on all text messages but some how it still got though.

Edit: I just called T-Mobile again, to see if I could block ALL premium SMS “services” I will never be using them, and since that scam one came in today I feel it is safer for me to block them all. To those that would ask well could you not refrain from using them, well yes I do and I will never willing use one, but it the same one that happens today that I did not ask for that just signed me up with out asking that makes me want to block all premium SMS “services”. And T-Mobile did let me do a blind blocking of all Premium SMSs with out affecting my other SMSs to family and friends.

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Published on: September 27, 2011

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