I think I might have found an answers to my eMac freezing

I was determined to see if I could get my eMac to a semi-stable point tonight. It would freeze on everything, I tried to copy my files off of it, for safe keeping, but it would freeze on that. It would freeze on updates, it would freeze on anything that involved anything on it. Well I started at around 11pm last night working on it. I started with the hard drive, did a fsck on it, found a few “Overlapped extent allocation”‘s files, removed those. No Joy there. So I did some more research on eMac and freezings, well I found that allot of people are having the same problem. It is that Apple used some bad video boards on the eMac, so I can either buy a new back, or pay about $400USD to get it fixed. Unacceptable for me. But I also found that if you delete all the ATI extensions form the system, you could by pass the problem, and not get it, knock on wood. So I did that (well I moved them form the extensions folder to a holding folder, never delete a file that you might need) I have found 2 things now. The system seams to be stable, I have ran a few tests that had a 95% of causing the system to crash. Well the system did not crash, but I did find that all the “cool” effects that Apple put in OS X were not there anymore. Well at this point I use the mac for 2 things only, my photos and my music, and for those I don’t need any fancy graphical effects, so I can live with out them. If this holds up I should be good for a bit till I move my data off of the Mac.
See http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=301339&tstart=0 for what I finally found and am working form.

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Published on: June 4, 2006

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  1. alonzo Beckett says:

    Cannot believe it!! it worked… thank you for the help…

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