National Bike to work Week

Well this week is officially national bike to work week. And according to noaa, it not going to be a good week to bike to work, since they are prediction it to rain all week. Today was the first day since I started at Union Switch and Signal that I woke up and saw that I would have to bike in the rain. I had been dreading this day for a while, I really did not want to do it, but I had no other choice since biking to work is the fastest way for me to get there. April of 2004 I ditched my car, so I don’t have a car, and to walk to work would take 50 minutes, and the bike ride is only 15 minutes. Well it was not as bad as I thought biking in the rain would be, in fact it was half way refreshing. Well I have a whole week to get use to it.

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Published on: May 15, 2006

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