My Churches Sermons are now being PodCasted

Our church is now podcasting the sermons from Sunday morning if you want to know the RSS feed for it you can get it here, just plug this into your iTunes, or what ever podcatcher you use
This is now possible, because one of the computers I built up for the church yesterday. I have moved the new Linux box from the churches NOC to the church proper, and connected the mic line to the output of the sound system.
Because of the new podcasting stuff, the audio system is now my responsibility, the previous person thinks it would be best for one person to do both, instead of 2 people dealing with the audio system. It is nice to see the hours of work I put into this computer being fruitfully, the computer itself took about 5 hours, that is install of the OS (Linux:Red Hat Fedora Core 4), configuring the system, then installing audacity and all the libs that were needed just to get audacity up and running. But it is nice to see the fruits of your work.
We still need to run a cat 5 cable from the network up to the computer, but for now, at the end of the service I will be dumping the raw audacity data to a USB key drive, to bring it home to do the work on it. That involves increasing the volume since it is so low when I do the recording. The only thing I have to figure out how to do is remove the low hum that gets into the recording, if any one has any suggestions on how to do this let me know, also remember we have a budget of $0 no more no less, so nothing involved buying any software or hardware.

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Published on: March 19, 2006

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