The iPod was filled to 100%

Well today my 40Gb iPod got the final mp3 that filled it to 100% capasity. So I had to start to cut down on what is uploaded to my iPod, so I set it up to not upload any file that is not check. I went in and unchecked a bunch of the podcasts. I know that there are other ways of not copying podcasts over, but they do not meet my needs. The 4 ways I know of to not copy othem over are: Do not copy any, Copy all, Copy only the most Recent, and Copy unplayed ones. I find sometimes I want to relisten to some that I have listen to before, or that I have more then just the most recent one to listen to. So I just set it to copy all that are checked, and then I unchecked them all, then I went over to my play lists, and told it to check anything that was in that play list. That freed up about 15Gb of space. So I should be set for a few more months before I have to go though and uncheck a bunch more again.
When I fist got my iPod back in Dec of 2003 I never thought I would fill up the full 40Gb, but then I started to listen to podcasts and the space on the iPod started to get eaten up really fast.
To give you an idea about how many mp3’s (aac’s) are on the ipod, there are 4825 mp3’s and the time counts to (based on what iTunes says) 65 days 7 hours 42 minutes and 44 seconds

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Published on: February 26, 2006

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