Canada vs. Russia woman’s Hockey:Olympic

I am right now watching the Canada vs. Russia woman’s hockey game. I will have to say, I like how the Canadian’s play, they are aggressive and willing to attack the other team. They keep on getting penalties. In the second period one of the Canadians got a penalty, when she sat down in the sin bin it looked like she was laughing, now that is what call a good hockey player. I wonder what the game will be like if the US plays Canada; they seam to be good teams, but different playing styles. I will say that the womanís Olympic hockey games flow differently then the NHL games. I wonder how the manís games will flow? I am kind of thinking it might flow the same way that the NHL does, because to my understanding is that most of the players for the different countries are coming out of the NHL to play for their home countries.

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Published on: February 13, 2006

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