Martin Luther King Jr. day

Every year many people (students) get mad that CMU does not have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. But I think in an odd way this is very good. No I am not against the observance of Martin Luther King on this day. Here is why I think in an odd way it is good that CMU does not have this day is good. The reason for a holiday be it a Religious Holiday, or secular Holiday, is to remember or meditation on the root of it. Be it Christmas to meditate on the coming of Christ, or easter the death and resurrection of Christ. If we only see Martin Luther King Jr day only as another day off, does that not cheapen the point of the day. By CMU not having a day off, and the people protesting the fact that it is not a day off at CMU, is a good thing. It bring to the for front what the Martin Luther King Jr. did for america and society at large.

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Published on: January 16, 2006

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