Well it looks like we have entered the snow season. I hate snow. Well I guess it is time to bring out the cold weather clothing. The NWS is showing snow for most of the next seven days. I just hope that we don’t get much coverage on the ground.
Also for those of you that might ask, “don’t you want a white Christmas?” My answer to that is no, I rather have a green Christmas. I know to many in Pittsburgh this will sound odd, but starting when I was a kid to my early 20’s we would go to Florida for a few days for Christmas (1985 to 2001) So for me Christmas was a warm time with palm trees, so for me, I don’t dream of a white Christmas I dream of a green Christmas. Oh well, from 2002 to now, I have not gone to Florida for Christmas, and the snow that we get around Christmas just is not for me something that says Christmas.

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