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Why the heck is it when ever some one asks what I am listening to and I respond Rush Limbaugh, I always get one of to response, in a voice that is more of a lecturing voice. The to responses I always get “Remember he is only for entertainment and has not facts” or “How can you listen to that Pot Head”. I am starting to get angry about it. I never response, because I don’t want to deal with it, since most of the time I am listing to him on my iPod at work. But for the first attack against Rush, the news he brings is more reliable then the New York Post, he does cover the news, then he gives his opinion on the news, and for the record I find I agree with him more often then not. To the second attack, 1) he was not doing pot, it was pain killers, that he was prescribed that he became dependent on. 2) He did seek treatment, also back in the 90’s when the big liberals were talking about the athletes that were really doing illegal drugs and they then to treatment they were called heroes, but when a similar thing happens with Rush he can not be believed he is a “pot head” 3) there is no evidence that he broke the law with the pain killers, heck the investigation has gone on for over 2 years in Florida and they have not brought charges, and they are just doing fishing expeditions to try to find something, the police department doing the investigation has been smacked down by the courts for breaking the laws in trying to find something to get, violating his privacy by illegally taking his medical records, trying to intimidate his doctors, etc.
Sorry but I just had to vent, and post this rant, I am free to listen who ever I want, and believe who ever I listen to if I want to, I am free to get my news from Rush, and even (gasp) Fox News. That is part of Free speech, you can say what every you want, I don’t have to listen to you, I can choice who I want to listen to. I am to the point that I am thinking the next time I am asked what I am listing to I will just either not answer or lie and just say I am listing to some currently unpopular music star, that why they might not ask to hear.
Also note any comments posted here that are attacks on me or Rush Limbaugh (or if I perceive them as attacks) they will be deleted, this is my web site I pay for it is my free speech and as I said I don’t have to listen to any one I don’t want to. My web site my speech. In fact I am not going to allow comments on this post (only) since this is a venting not really a post.

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