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Blogs are now starting the whole “never forget” thing for tomorrow. I recognize the impact that the attacks had on America, and no we should not push it out of our collective memory, but do we have to go though the same thing every year? I am not saying we should not have a moment of silence, but we have to dedicate one day a year to it, it is almost if some people have turned it into a Holiday. I know that sounds perverted and it is, but hear me out, discovery channel is advertising a new 9/11 special that will air tomorrow.
I know alot of people going to be mad about this post.

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Published on: September 10, 2005

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  1. Max Rossin says:

    not to worry Mike, people forgot about Pearl Harbor, people will forget this. Not any time soon, but give it half a century and/or another attack. Peoples memories are extremely short, otherwise our politicians won’t last in office, just look at all the crap the politicians have done to the population that we have forgotten about (not just this administration, don’t worry).

  2. I am not looking for them to forget, but I am also not wanting people to be literally be celebrating it, which people seam to be doing now.

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