Testing new policy on comments

I have now setup my blog to let normal comments go though (unless they have any HTML in them) so right now if you send a comment that does not have HTML in it should be visible after you post it. If I see any hate posts, I will delete them, also I do reserve the right to delete any posts I want for any reason what so ever (heck I don’t even need any reason, if I want to delete a comment I can my site my whims go, this is how it has always been). But comments that have HTML or any Trackbacks will be put in a moderation queue. The reason for this is that the spammers will always use some sort of link and those will follow the normal setup that it has been for a while. But for now for normal comments, I am going to test to see how it goes by not having to moderate them. This test will go for a few days (unless it gets to be a hassel, then I will end the test early), and at that time I may put them all on moderation depending on how people use it, if it is used correctly or are people going to start to post hate messages, and spam.

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Published on: September 12, 2005

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