One of my Fishes is ill (a call for help, can anyone ID this and recomand a treatment)

On of my Red Eyed Tetra seams to have some wrong with its upper lip. I have taken a couple of pictures, it looks like to me like he got into a fight, and lost part of his upper lip, but I am not sure. I have taken him out of the 20 gallon community tank, and put him in a small hospital tank. But I am not sure on how to treat him.

Now that you see the picture, do you have any idea what could be wrong, and what I can use to treat him with, what kind of fish medication is there that I can use to help cure him or heal his lip. To me it looks like he got into a fight and lost.

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Published on: September 14, 2005

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  1. Rob says:


    That’s definitely a wound. Wounds on small fish are difficult to treat.

    The folks at Elmer’s might know what’s available.

    We haven’t needed anything like that for a long time, thankfully.

  2. Thanks Rob,

    I was thinking that what it might be, but I did not want to just guess at it, I wanted it to be confirmed. I am right now using some MelFix on him, And while I was taking a close look at the rest of my Red Eyed Tetra’s I think I found who he was fighting (that is assuming he got the wound from fighting) there is a much larger (50% larger) Red Eyed Tetra with some torn pectoral fins. I feel so bad that I let that happen to one of my fish, my zebra danios don?t seem to fight, nor did I know that Red Eyed Tetras would be so aggressive, I knew that they might have territory spates but I did not know it would go so far, I guess that is one of the fun parts of having schooling fish, they do not do well in low numbers, but if you have enough then they might fight. This is all assuming I am right in that it was a fight; maybe my poor baby swam into on of the HOB filters. But I don?t think they have that kind of power, and if they did how did he free himself? Unless I am missing something those are the only two things I can think of that could have caused the wound.
    As to pet shops, I usually go to the two on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill, I don?t have a car, so I need to be able to bike to the shops, true sometimes I do get a lift from a friend but not that often, I need to be able to get to such stores on bike (OK I could use the buses, but that is not as fun as a bike)

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