Oh man, we have a lot of tropical storm activity right now

I just looked over at the NHC’s web page. As of right now we have in the Atlantic we have Tropical Storm Ophelia and Philippe. We also have Tropical Depression 18. They are forecasting that Tropical Depression 18 will be a tropical storm then a Hurricane. The problem with #18 is that it is going into the Gulf of Mexico (well that is what it is forecasted to do) The problem with that is, if the Gulf is acting like it did when Katrina came though we could have a very strong storm down there again. And this Depression #18 would end up getting name Rita. As for the Eastern Pacific we have 2 Hurricane and 1 Tropical Storm. The 2 Hurricanes are named Kenneth and Jova. The Tropical Storm is named Lidia. The are also watching a Tropical Wave that could develop into something. So for now between the 2 areas they are watching 7 weather systems.

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Published on: September 17, 2005

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