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A few weeks ago I was talking with some people on a fish forum about how one of my fish sleeps. It is a Betta and he has a habit of sleeping vertically. One of the people on the forum ask if I could take a picture of him sleeping. Well since I did need a picture of him sleeping I could not turn on the lights to take the picture because that would wake him up. Yes I am referring to the fish as a him because since it is a Betta, and male Betta’s are the ones with color. Well as I said I could not turn on the light, so I had to increase the exposer time for the picture. I set the exposer to 12 seconds, and I could not resist it, so I jumped in front of the camera for 8 of the seconds picture.

This was a fun picture to take.
Also for any one that is interested the Betta in the picture is fine, during the day he acts normally, just sleeps in a very odd way

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  1. simdan says:

    Ack! You are dead! It’s your ghost!

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