Google Earths view of the Point

I was messing around with Google Earth. I zoomed in on the point (Point State park) and when I looked at it, there was something out of place. When I zoomed in closer there were boats on the land. And I realized that the picture that they are using for that view is from last year after Ivan hit Pittsburgh.

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Published on: August 23, 2005

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  1. Max Rossin says:

    Ah, Big Brother, now available free! Stay tuned for Google Satellite system, giving you up-to-the-second live feeds on everyone and everything. Need to stalk someone? Go to, find their address, then look them up in Google Earth and map your escape routes. I wonder if we can get cell phone GPS tracking systems integrated with this. Powered by NSA and DHS.

  2. patd95 says:

    The pic they have of my house os over six years old…pre-fence. We have had our fence since 1999.

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