The Row office’s referendum

I just read about the other referendum on WPXI’s web site. After reading the article and seeing a talk show on the race (here) I don’t think this is a good referendum. Yes cutting jobs in government does sound good, but the jobs they want to cut, are important ones, and I don’t thing they should be cut. Also I don’t like the idea of the jobs that they are putting on the cutting block here should be political rewards, they are the court clerk, prothonotary and the register of wills (maybe these two should be combined as the bill proposes but they should not be political appointments) and a few others, they want to take the row offices from 10 people to 4 people, I don’t think one could cut a office well over 1/2 and still expect things to work, yes Pittsburgh needs to save money, but if we do the wrong things it could end up costing the city more money in the long run. So for this referendum I believe I will be voting “no” on it.

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Published on: May 15, 2005

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