Radio Scanning.

I checked into Sunday’s scanner net this week, it was fun, it lasted a bit longer then it was planned to last by the net control. I got some good information, I was wondering about what frequency the TV stations use to communicate to their choppers, and to the people that they send out to do news stories. I was given a link by a K3FSS, which has a lot of the Frequencies in the Pittsburgh Area, for different things. After getting this page I spent about 30 minutes reprogramming my scanner for what I wanted, I have now 3 banks of frequencies. Bank 1 is the Pittsburgh public safety group. Bank 2 is the Collages around here (Pitt and CMU). And Bank 3 is the TV stations intercommunication Frequencies. I will have to go though the list on that page more to find other things that might be fun to scan though.

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Published on: May 16, 2005

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