Burning up the network

I am moving some videos off of my Mac that I have put on there, I am moving them to the Linux file server, have moved 50Gb from the eMac to the Linux box, it was receiving the files at about 12.6MB/s. The Linux server has a 250 GB drive and I have a 120 GB drive I will be adding onto it in a few days. While the eMac only has a 160 GB internal drive and a 100 GB external hard drive. But during the transfer of the data, I was burning the networks internal bandwidth up. Next after I do that, I will be taking a video I took in Jan onto the computer, from the March for life in DC. I might also add it to the video section of the web site.
I think the 120 GB drive will be come a video only drive I never thought I would start to take up so much space with video files.

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Published on: April 30, 2005

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