The final entry in the iTunes & iPod saga

Boy, am I glad I had the Home Dir of my Mac box backed up onto my Linux box. After trying that thing I found to try to get the iTunes working again, it toasted my Mac’s file system. I was able to get most of my data back from the back up. For some reason the iTunes music dir did not back up correctly. But I had a copy of it on my iBook; I had copied it over to the iBook when I started to have the problems, so I could get the music played and keep the data of the plays from the iPod. Well I reinstalled the Mac OS today, got my data back, then copied the iTunes music Library onto the iPod from the iBook then off to the eMac. I just have to do a few confutation changes on the eMac and it will look like nothing ever happened, I even got iTunes 4.7.1 to work with the iPod now. But for now it is time for bed.

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Published on: January 20, 2005

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