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Well the question now is I want to move all my music and Pictures from my iBook to the eMac when it comes, I just wish I did not have to want till the eMac comes, but I think I figured out how to move the music. I found the XML for the Music and the Photos. I think I have the answers; I will not be deleting the data off of the iBook till I am sure that I got the data transported to the new computer safely. I am wondering if I should just do it over a network or copy all the data to my fire wire drive and copy it to the eMac when it comes. This will take some playing with to get it to go, but I believe the answer to copy the raw data files and the XML files and it should work I think. Well as long I keep the data on my iBook I will not have to worry about how to do it. But it looks like I will have to want 10 days till I can try it.

And with the Linux stuff I am playing around to see if I can get my mail files imported to evolution, a good mail client for Linux. If I can do that, I will have that good mail client back. That will put the old Gateway laptop with XP on it, to only Quicken and Palm pilot stuff. Each system in my place will have a job, and a job for each system. Well at lest I will be able to play with a full network with each of the main OS’es on it in my place.

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Published on: August 6, 2004

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