Conservatism (long post)

I am a Conservative, why? Because there is an issues where I just can not support. Abortion, for one, that is murder pure and simple, life starts at conception. And to end (or as the other side uses terminate) a life is murder. And for being conservative, what do we get? We get vilified and deionized all the time. The lift says they are the part of understanding, and love. Ya right, I see more hate coming out of the left then any were on earth. Take my car for instance, it gets sprayed painted, it gets keyed, the muffler gets riped off at times. And why because of my pro-life stickers. OK I can not prove that the keying and the muffler are because of the pro-life stickers, but the spray paint is defiantly because some one did not like my stickers. How do I know, well because where the spray paint was, there were 3 shots on my car, all 3 were over the stickers. And the worst part was when I called the police because of it, I get “why are you upset you were making a political statement and they were just making theirs?” Why was I upset, because it is MY car, my car to put my stickers on, not their car to spray paint, they can spray paint their car all they want I will not care, but when you hit my car, I care because it is mine. It has gotten to the point where I don’t bother calling the police because I have to fight them just to take the report, and I get an attitude from them that I am just wasting their time. But if it was a pro-murder’s car, it would be classified a hate crime, and they would be all over the place trying to find the person who did it. And now over at slashdot (I have stopped posting there, I don’t know why I still read the articles anymore) they are having a bash the Conservatives day. I guess that is better then their usual bash the Christian days.

As for who I am going to vote for this year, well I heard some rumors about bush not being pro-life, that gave me some grief as to think he might not get my vote. So I did some research, what did I find, well it seams to be a lie from the left that is perpetrating it. So who am I going to vote for, I am going to vote for BUSH from what I can find, he is pro-life. Kerry is the one who tries to be on both sides, but that is a lie, from what I can see his voting record says he is pro-murder. From what I can find, usually I don’t use but it being very very very left (well on this issue) is attacking Bush for is support for the sanctity of life, tells me I can in good conscience vote for Bush, hay a use for the enemy.

As for what else, I think I just might sign up to help on the campaign, not that in liberal Pittsburgh it is going to do any good, the democrats always win here. This place is still stuck in the union mindset, even though the unions have crawled away.

Living in Pittsburgh and being a Conservative some times I feel alone in that there are not many Conservatives around, yes there are many in my church, but when I walk down the street, I know most of the people around me are liberal, and if they knew I was Conservative, I would not make it home alive.

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Published on: August 23, 2004

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