Cancled my Cable TV (again)

For about 3 years I have had Cable TV (FiOS) but I been considering getting rid of it to save some money. About a week ago Verizon sent out a notice that they were raising the rates. So that put me over the line of considering it to pulling the trigger. For TV here what I have setup now. First years ago I signed up for google music, now defunct but google moved the subscription to youtube and they had the deal for as long as you keep the subscription you keep the intro price, so I have youtube premium. I also had Funimation and Crunchy roll even when I had the cable. To replace the cable, I picked up an indoor antenna (can not do an outside one as I live in an apartment) and it can pick up 11 local channels. I also picked up a Tablo Over the Air(OTA) DVR. Next I picked up a subscription to Sling Blue, and T-Mobile gave me a year of Parimount Plus.

To go with those subscriptions, I have a good sized DVD/BlueRay collection of both general shows/movies, and anima. I also still have my old VHS deck and my old VHS tapes, to watch too.

Along with all of those, I do enjoy watching twitch.

All in all, instead of having to pay more per month on the cable TV, I will be cutting my TV bill by 50 (this is after the free year of paramont plus is over, so for the first year it will be more saved)

Also over on the core cutting subredit, someone suggested pluto tv (a free service) and they have shows I would like to watch too. So I will not be with out TV entertaiment if I want. Plus since I play video games, read Sci-Fi books (have a nice sized collection) and Menga (I also have a good sized collection of this too) I should not be left wanting any entertainment. I also have other hobbies I can do, for other down time activities.

Along with all of this, since I have amazon prime for the shipping, they also throw in Prime Video, as service I have never used, but that option is also there for more shows/movies to watch.

Nice thing on the Tablo OTA DVR, I can access it over the netwrok so all 3 of my TVs can pull in the OTA TV via my home network, so I just plugged the attanna into the DVR, and plug it into my network and all 3 TVs have OTA TV via the Tablo app on my TVs.

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Published on: January 3, 2023

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