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In my attempt to get away from google more and more, I have decided to try The Brave Browser. First thing I have notices, after I copied all my settings over to The Brave Browser then opened up as many windows, and tabs (coping over the URL from the open tabs from Chrome) and shutdown chrome, my Linux boxes load average dropped from 6.5 to 2. I also like the dark theme it uses. Also it does more tracking blocking, even beyond what I have going with my Pi-Hole. Also with the load average, I have noticed the browser feels like it also more responsive too.

What is a load average see here for a full articular I will take some experts out of it below.

On Unix-like systems, including Linux, the system load is a measurement of the computational work the system is performing. This measurement is displayed as a number. A completely idle computer has a load average of 0. Each running process either using or waiting for CPU resources adds 1 to the load average. So, if your system has a load of 5, five processes are either using or waiting for the CPU.

You probably have a system with multiple CPUs or a multi-core CPU. The load average numbers work a bit differently on such a system. For example, if you have a load average of 2 on a single-CPU system, this means your system was overloaded by 100 percent — the entire period of time, one process was using the CPU while one other process was waiting. On a system with two CPUs, this would be complete usage — two different processes were using two different CPUs the entire time. On a system with four CPUs, this would be half usage — two processes were using two CPUs, while two CPUs were sitting idle.

Also note I have a 6 core CPU, so 6 is fully using it.

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Published on: May 1, 2021

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