With the news lately on digital stuff, it turning to be good news for those that are proponents of physical copies.

Over the last little over a month 2 news stories have propelled those of us that are proponents of physical copies arguments as being stronger. first there was the news story of Sony shutting down the PS3/PSP/Vite stores (true they back tracked on that but only for the PS3/Vita, it still happening to the PSP store) and the currently new law suit against Apple with the closing of a customers account with over $25k worth of “bought” items. Combine that with the old shutting down of the Wii and DSi store by Nintendo, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the “digital only” future. It shows the flaws with digital only “purchases” and that is they are fleeting, and a company can deny you access to what you paid for. While physical, they can not remove those, they would have to break into your home, to take them away from you. The worst part is they can do a unreasonable search and seizure of “your” stuff, with out a warren, with physical they can not just deem you an undesirable and take your stuff away, with physical you have laws that protect you in your person and possessions, with digital only you have no protection of the law. And latly the democrats have been in the side of corporations saying “ya but private company can do what ever they want” (well they only say that when they denie conservatives, but deny a liberal they will take you all the way to the SCotUS, and even if you win there they will try again and again, see the multiple cases against “Masterpiece Cakeshop” which touches on Religious liberties.)

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Published on: April 29, 2021

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