NFT are stupid and I guess the next step from digital games, and bit coin.

I don’t understand people wanting to “own” things that don’t exist, things that are only digital have no real existence and the value can be sucked out of them at a moments notices. It is scare that people are trying to build an economy on things that are only bits in some computer system. Some day bit coin will crash and crash hard when people realize it has no value, right now it is artificially inflated, I don’t know when it will crash but it will, I just know I would not buy any as an investment as when it crashes all value will be sucked out of it. And I guess the next step is the NFT stupidity, buying the “right” to say you “own” some virtual “item”. Nothing in that has value but people will trade money for that. People trade their hard earned money for nothing.

Yes I know fiat currency also has not value outside of what the government says it has, but at the end of the day it still has a physical presence and that can still be worth something, worse case, the economy crashes, but I will still have paper to wipe with, or burn for warmth, but with bit coin you don’t even have that.

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Published on: March 26, 2021

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