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This is an older blog it has been around for over a decade. That got me to wondering what Blogs still exist from the time I was really into reading Blogs. I had not really read many for the last few years, I am thinking of pulling up a new RSS reader (I stopped for a bit because Google kill their RSS reader.) I found many of the Blogs I use to read are now either dead (404) or have not been updated in years. So I cleaned out the feed of all the dead and ones not being updated, and here is a list of the living Blogs from those times (ya these will be Blogs that have existed for more then a decade too)

Dvorak News Blog
The Ward Family

Wow what a short list that is. I need to find some other blogs to buff up the amount I read. If I am going to be going back to doing more blogging I probably should start reading them again more often.

For more update goodness I have also downloaded the WordPress android app that should allow me to update where ever I want and nearly when ever I want, now I would like to see if I can find a good RSS reader for the Android Phone. Don’t get me wrong I love working at home on my home computer. But every one always wants parts of my time and I don’t get to be home as often as I would like, some days it seems I just get to get home to go to sleep, no time to myself. But that is life.

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Published on: April 4, 2016

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