My current backup setup

Right now my current backup of my data is as follows.

My desktop computer and my laptop computer both have btsync ( my main document files, this also replicate to a in home server (I also btsync my music folder to the in home server too) I then have a Virtual computer that I get though Digital Ocean ( I use this also for my SVN server for my personal projects) that also gets the btsync of my main data directory.

The next step on my backup system is I use cron to do backing up of my main data directory, I have a script that is kicked off that will make a tgz of my main data directory and places it in ~/backups/backup.tgz then at 1am on Sunday I have crontab scp the Sunday backup (the one that would have been taken only an hour earlier) to my Digital Ocean server.

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Published on: February 17, 2014

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