Addendum to my review of the New Lutheran Service Book

This is not the second review I promised of the hymn section, this is something I should have put in the first review, but did not find till today. It would be filed under the section of Bad:

One section that they omitted from LSB, was the section with the Propers. In TLH it was labeled “Introits, Collects, and Graduals for the Church Year’ And by the title they had in TLH you can tell what was contained in the section. In LW it was labeled “Propers of the Day” This puts the hymnal in the situation that now you need a second book to go with it during the service to know what to say, since each sunday in the church year has a different set of Propers that go with it. This might get put under the ugly section, but it could be rectified with a second book to use during the service, so it only gets a mark of bad.

Again I will at a later time do a small review of the hymn section of LSB.

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Published on: August 13, 2006

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