Becoming co-dependent on my Palm Pilot

Back when I was in Pitt, I was co-dependent on my Palm Pilot, After collage, I was able to stop being co-dependent on it, but now with my new job, I am again becoming co-dependent on it.I have a much better Palm Pilot then I did when I was at Pitt, and I can do more with it, but do I really want to download my schedule from my brain to my Palm Pilot. In collage I had a Palm IIIe, I now have a Palm Tungsten T3, the TT3 is a marjory different one from the IIIe, I have owned 5 different Pilots from 1999, the IIIe lasted the longest (3 years), and this one is the second longest one (at about 2 years).
The last thing I want to put here, is something my pastor says about Palm Pilots: “The good thing about a Palm is you never forget an appointment, the bad thing about a Palm is you never forget an appointment”

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Published on: May 10, 2006

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