How long till the ACLU defends this jerk

A news station in Florida is running a story about how a many who threatened to punch a Taxi Driver and used some racist slurs has been sentenced to attend a “black” church of 6 Sunday. First what is a “black” church? A church is a church as long as it preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, yes there are some differences between the denominations teach (and I think the LCMS church is closer to the correct theology, but Christ said any one that believes in him and is baptized so all Christians will make it to heaven). But I am sure that in the next few days the ACLU (the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union) will be filing suet over this because it is a violation of their perceived “freedom from religion”. (remember it is “Freedom of Religion”)
I kind of think it is a good sentence, because the man will be faced with what sin is (what he did was sinful) but he will also see that there is true forgiveness, I would hope that he goes to the church for more then 6 weeks, aka converts to Christianity. If he was to convert and start to live a Christian life he will know to hate a person is wrong, and he (one would hope) make efforts not to hate people in the future.

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Published on: January 17, 2006

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  1. KGB says:

    I’m curious, Mike. Suppose he had punched a Muslim cab driver in the face, and he was sentenced to attend services at a local mosque for five weeks. What would be your reaction to that?

  2. I see no problem with that, just go for the 5 weeks, and leave and never go back. Also it is not like the differinate religions would prohibite him from going to a service of another religion. (Muslims on Friday, Jewish on Saterday, Christians on Sunday.)

  3. KGB says:

    Never go back? What if he wants to convert to Islam?

  4. Then that is his loss, but if he does, then that is his right, and then he can continue if he wants.

  5. Jim says:

    Trouble is that this sentence won’t work. The only thing it will do is further cement the guy in his own prejudices. We can hope that it will influence him differently, but one exposure per week, even for six weeks, isn’t going to be enough to change his beliefs. Immersion in the culture would probably do it, but this sentence isn’t going to cut it. I’m thinking someone should have given the judge a course in basic social psychology before he passed this judgment.

  6. You might be right that it might not be enough of time. I will admit I am against the idea of saying African-Americans have a different culture. They are Americans like every one else, they do have more pride in their heritage then a lot of Caucasian people, but I would hope that some day, we become color blind when it comes to the color of a persons skin, I will admit all this talk about “race” (I don’t believe they are a different race then me, we all are human, and that is a race, the amount of malintona (sp?) or where your ancestors came from does not make a race IMO) make me uncomfortable. Maybe another thing should be he has to suffer discrimination based on something just as stupid, like the color of his hair, or the shape of his nose.

  7. Max says:

    So, a person that hates black people must now be surrounded by them. Yes, that’ll really set him straight. Why not make him do community service in poor “black” communities where those people must judge whether or not he helped. That way he has to be sincere in helping them and perhaps will learn something. As far as ACLU, don’t forget good ole pal robertson, so don’t judge the ACLU too harshly. I think their point was that they forced him to attend a religious service, which could imply favoring one religion over another, which isn’t lawful. Freedom of religion, as I see it, means two things: 1) government can’t prefer one religion over another and we don’t follow that really (those muslim charities are rollin in the dough since 9/11, compared with christian ones). 2) you can’t influence me with your religion and i shouldn’t influence you with mine. That’s a good rule for everyone really – doesn’t it say somewhere ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’? We don’t follow that either, for more information, read material on any of around two dozen wars this country has fought in the last 250 years. That’s one every decade people.

  8. Actually the ACLU is not involved yet I am asking how long till they are involved. Also he was not 100% forced to attend, he did have a choice of 30 days in jail or 6 sundays at a church. Also people under the constitution are alowed to prolitize others, and yes “treat others as you would want to be treated” works here, go head and prolitize me, I don’t care, if I don’t like it, I can walk away (or shut the door).

  9. Max says:

    well, there are several degrees of choices. Going to jail for 30 days didn’t seem like a good choice. It’s a similar situation if you inflate it – a year in jail or a day in a church. It’s a no brainer, but it’s still wrong. It also doesn’t help, which is even worse. And as far as ACLU, they defended KKK members and neo-nazi’s. Not because they are good people, that has nothing to do with the law (otherwise our entire government would be in jail). They’re defending them to ensure that laws are applied equally. I don’t agree with many of the things they do, but some of the things they’re working for are for our benefit.

  10. Ya and I bet they would file a suit to protect some one who yelled “fire” in a crowed theater. What the ACLU fails to do is apply some common sence, I know I know common sence is not all that common. I don’t see them working for anyones benefit, all they care about is winning so they can file a second suit to make there money, that is how they get paid, there is a stupid law if you file a law suit under “civil rights” the lawers can suit the entity a second time for money so they don’t have to charge the person filing the suit. I bet if the person who filed the suit had to pay out of their pocket, there would be a whole lot less suits from the aclu.

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