Rush addes video to the pod cast for 24/7 subscribers

Well tonight I get home and get a message on my mac that the “Rush 24/7” software has been updated, and was restarting. When it restarted it downloaded the first of the video parts of Rushes Podcasts, it is the morning update that he does. Well the first one was not a morrning update, but a welcome message to the new video podcast part. So now every day, the software will get for me, the Rush Limbaugh show as an mp3, and a video of him doing the morrning update.
I had in the past turned off the video part of iTunes on my mac because I did not think I would have a use for it, but now, I have turned the video part of iTunes back on, just to keep the stuff organized on the computer (I like how iTunes has things done on it).

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Published on: December 11, 2005

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